Summer season has ended! Time to look back on the shit I watched.

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus - 7/10

This was pleasantly a solid show. I often stayed away from this series due the obnoxious fanbase that surrounds it, but I picked up the manga and enjoyed this arc that they animated. A few cringe worthy moments obviously meant for annoying teenage girls, but not enough to piss me off.

Love Stage - 5.5

Ugh. Why do I torture myself watching garbage BL series just because it’s SO RARE for real BL to be animated and not an OVA. THOSE MOUTHS, PROPORTIONS AND HANDS. Even the shitty yaoi art doesn’t bother me if the plot is ok. Nope. Generic BL romance written by some clueless woman. Full of the usual “RAPE HIM UNTIL HE LOVES ME” fujoshis write 95% of the fucking time. SOLD LIKE SHIT, PRAISE THE GODS!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders - 7.5/10

I love JoJo, and I liked the first season. The second was just as good. I really don’t care for Jotaru, The first two JoJos, specifically Joesph are much better characters. Polnareff was that kind of stupid moe I adore. If only he wasn’t silly looking. I believe it sold decent enough for more JoJo too!

Tokyo Ghoul - 6.5/10

Much edginess. Like really fucking edgy. What do you expect from a vampire show (hurr durr they’re GHHOOULLSSS). However this was entertaining in an over the top comedy way. I would watch a second season if it gets one but the sales chart I have doesn’t look so good for that!

Aldnoah Zero - 7/10

OK FIRST OF ALL let me say this was not terrible, but decent/average for a mecha anime. HOWEVER, there is so much bullshit with the plot and characters that I don’t even know where to start. How many fucking times can you kill characters and then “LOL XD IT WAS MERELY A RUSE!” Fuck. You. They better stay dead at the end, and I mean both of those losers. Otherwise I lost all respect for this show. Fucking bullshit teenagers.

Captain Earth - 5/10

Captain Earth? More like Captain Shit. THE MOST GENERIC MECHA EVER. Wasted decent mecha designs too. Oh god that terrible LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP WINS OVER EVIL shit needs to fucking stop. For once can I have a MC who’s either an antagonist or not a goody two shoes. I only finished this because I invested 20 episodes already into it. Also fuck that ‘MAHOU SHOUJO XD’ bitch.

DRAMAtical Murder - 4.5/10

"Lets animate another popular BL VN BUT cut out all the porn and BL" which is like the entire point of the game. DM’s plot is garbage in the game, what makes you think people played it for that? No we played it to wank to men screwing each other you twats. The character designs are trash (the clothes) anyways. OH and on top of all that the animation was the worst this season, absolute dogshit.

Free!: Eternal Summer - 7.5/10

My only big problem with Free!! is the drama crying stuff. That last episode made me cringe a lot. A lot less time for Gou and that teacher, which was nice. No one cares about the girls in Free!!. I liked Sea Otter a lot, he is still very cute.

Zankyou no Terror - 6.5/10

RUINED POTENTIAL: THE ANIME. Also AMERICA FUCK YEAH! Fuck Lisa and fuck Five. Both those bitches RUINED this show. Lisa is a cunt who’s entire purpose was literally nothing but to fuck shit up (YES I’m aware she was meant to ‘humanize’ Twelve but WHY GO THE GENERIC TEENAGE ROMANCE WAY FOR THAT?) Well fuck all of them anyways, AMERICA SAVED THE DAY AND DID WHAT THEY DID BEST! WE DON’T NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS! I will say the animation and style was very beautiful at times.

Persona 4 The Golden Animation - 6/10

They cut out the game parts with the Personas and focused on the relationship SOL part of the game. The Adachi episodes were the only good ones in the show, everything else was pretty bad. Marie is trash and ruined this series for me. Even Japan hates her too. This sold SO much less than the first series, and I can see why, no one likes Marie.

Tokyo ESP - 6/10

I didn’t really care for this show. I was going to drop it but I marathoned the other anime “Gai Rei Zero” and thought it was ok (I liked Yomi) so I just finished it anyways. I doubt this will get another season. The Yomi cameos were cool.

Mahouka - 6.5/10

Again, the magic system for this is good for a sci-fi approach. There are major power level flaws in it though. But that MC is so OP. I mean “can reverse any damage/etc done in the last 24 hours?” REALLY? And the fucking “price” (if you can call it that) is so bad. First of all, being shot in the stomach is the most painful place to be shot. The pain alone usually knocks people out after a few minutes. BUT THEN to multiply that by 150x and fucking Shiba doesn’t show any sign of distress? Really? I don’t fucking care how bad ass and OP he is, that is just shitty writing. He would instantly be knocked out and dead from that. Oh wait he’s got some kind of auto regen bullshit. Fuck this, the author should shoot himself in his stomach before writing anymore of this.

Mobile Suit Gundam-San! - 5/10

I rarely laughed at this, but in reality I only laugh at inappropriate or stupid shit. I don’t like how they changed the personality of a lot of the characters for gags. Poor Char and Lalah.

Space Dandy S2 - 8/10

Space Dandy is one of those few good anime that come out every year. Yes it’s not perfect and I do think the overreaching plot was rushed but the “alien of the week” type episodes worked well for it. The characters were both lovable and enjoyable to watch. Both the sub and dub were nearly equal, which is rare for anime.

Himegoto - 5/10

Wow. Normally it takes a lot to offend me, even more so on rape/etc shit. I’m no feminist, thats for sure. However this was disgusting. The last three episodes in particular. That poor boy is forced to wear revealing female outfits, almost gets raped multiple times, constantly joked and exploited by the other club members and his own little brother. He wants to stop crossdressing and leave those shitty people and their shitty club because of it, but nope. We end with the girls “wahh I’m sorry Hime-kun!” but let’s force you into another revealing outfit for us and everyone else to harass you in! Even if I enjoy seeing anime boys in revealing female clothing I just couldn’t enjoy this knowing what Hime-Kun went through. Totally killed my boner.

Still Airing:

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal - 6/10

Bleh that art and animation. So bad. But it is sticking to the manga better then the first series. I just miss those silly faces and charming art.

Sword Art Online II - 7/10


Oh god that was so predictable that he was (one of) the culprits, but still I liked this. I don’t really care for Sinon but she’s better than Asuna. I glad I rarely have to see her…Obviously the author still has no idea realistically how VR will work in the future, or even a lot of MMO/video game knowledge. But it’s still bearable. 

This was a bad season, a lot of shows turned out to be bad really. Fall at least has shows I KNOW I’ll like (FSN, Main Gundam series, Psycho Pass, Log Horizon S2, Mushishi S2 and S2 of Yowamushi Pedal) so I’m hopeful.