I had hopes this wasn’t going to be TnC, but then we get this episode, full of shit tier animation.
Can we fucking have ONE BL anime that doesn’t look like total ass? What the fuck.

I had hopes this wasn’t going to be TnC, but then we get this episode, full of shit tier animation.

Can we fucking have ONE BL anime that doesn’t look like total ass? What the fuck.

I’m going to from now on do a “first impressions” documentation of new seasons now. Prepare for TL;DR, not like this isn’t all I use this Tumblr for.

Watched first episode (ratings are predictions of what I’ll think by the end and based on the first 1-2 episodes):

Aldnoah.Zero - 7/10

I had not known about the people behind this mecha anime until after I watched the first episode. This will not come anywhere near Gundam/Macross numbers but I predict it’ll sell around 10k. I love the way eyes are drawn, but holy shit the side mouths are god awful, dem lips mang. So far it’s been highly predictable, the CGI mecha sucks (industry standard at this age anyways), and the MC must have assburgers. However the hype behind this is huge and reading the discussion threads have been awesome so far. Gives me a Guilty Crown feeling.

Sailor Moon: Crystal - 6.5/10

First thing: THE DESIGNS ARE SHIT. Oh gods they are skeletons and spooky unfocused eyes. Comparing the manga, first episode of the old anime and the new episode, they removed most of the quirky emote shit. That sucks man, I like that silly face shit. It’s too early to see what else is gonna happen, but it’s not been that bad, close to the manga.

DRAMAtical Murder - 6.5/10

This is not Togainu no Chi level so far…but I fear they will take out the BL completely. We got a few blushes but the real test will come next week to see if they remove the scene where Noiz kisses Aoba. Some noticeable animation quality drops, but ok overall. They’re probably gonna mash up all the routes, which will suck, but please I just wanna see some kissu scenes.

Free!! Eternal Summer - 8/10

Same as the last season so far, which is great. Sea otter is cute and Makoto is adorable as ever. New whale shark guy is also pretty nice looking. Can’t wait to see what drama and suffering will happen this season.

Himegoto - 5/10

OK I am on the fence about this. I love traps (the real definition of it, not the misunderstood new one), I really do. but I just do not like it when they draw a girl (a loli) and put a beanbag in their panties and call it a boy. The MC at least had a boyish voice but his fucking hips and legs just do not match. And the other traps? Forget it, just call them lolis at this point. Will keep watching this since it’s a short, but I hope they don’t piss me off with something, such a fine line I walk with this love of traps.

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus - 6.5/10

Reminds me of the old series and is over the top silly. I am still spooked out by Sebastian’s face. mmmmm shota shorts and shota socks with buckles. Oh wonderful. Gotta love spoiled rich shotas with attitude problems. 

Love Stage!! - 6.5/10

This is how you do traps right, even if it’s only for one scene. He has a boy voice actor and a boy body, even if it’s slender. HE DOESN’T HAVE GIANT GIRL HIPS and tiny girl waist. I fucking hate the mouths this woman draws. WHY do almost all BL have something fucked up about their drawing style? It’s either ugly giant hands, fucked up chins/mouths, wacky proportions, etc. Bitches can’t draw! I mean not like I can draw really well either, but some of these guys have been doing this for 30 fucking years. Pick up an anatomy book for once. Anyways, we got a kissu scene already, we just need the ol’ in out in out and we’re set.

Mobile Suit Gundam-san - 6.5/10

AHHH WHAT DID THEY DO TO CHAR!? And Amuro, holy fuck. Why is Char dancing naked. And they ruined Lala’s personality to be some bitchy women instead of the kind hippie she was. What the fuck Sunrise!

Persona 4: The Golden - 6/10

Same as the last series but New Game++? PLEASE ANIMATE THE ACCOMPLICE ENDING. Also I don’t like that weird poem girl.

Space Dandy S2 - 7.5/10

Same as last season, well the feeling so far. Just chill as ever. I want more meow screen time and well a connecting plot. 

Sword Art Online II - 6/10

I got my Frodo images all ready for this. The creator of this series just have no fucking idea what it’s like to play video games it seems. Would have been so much better (and more realistic) if you included the stupid bickering that gankers do when they fight people. FUKKIN NEWB SCRUB MINIGUN FAG! SUK MUH DICK! Instead we got people freaking out (in the boring I’m scared wahh way) in a video game and MUH HONOR AND HE SMILES ON THE BATTLEFIELD, HE’S STRONG. Jesus Christ woman it’s a video game. I’m sure you should be smiling, you’re suppose to have fun. WHERE IS THE TEAMSPEAK TOO? And bosses that drop rare loot (the best guns in the game) SOLOABLE AND FROM FAR AWAY. BULLSHIT! Don’t get me started on Kirito’s LIGHT SABER AGAINST GUNS.

Tokyo ESP - 6/10

Tokyo Ghoul - 7/10

I stay away from vampire shows usually, but this was kinda interesting I suppose. It’ll probably end up shounen power level bullshit but so far it’s not too bad. Yes it’s edgy but tolerable.

Zankyou no Terror - 7/10

Where were you when Japan made an anime bout 9/11? Oh god, yea it’s just a coincidence that the MCs are 9 and 12 and the building they blew up looked like the towers (no thats not sarcasm, I’m just being silly). It’s kinda weird having “bad guys” as the MCs. I just wish they kept the girl out and made the guys 10+ years older. That would of been awesome then. BUT YOU GOTTA HAVE DEM HIGH SCHOOL TERRORISTS  I like the animation effects they’re using for this series, it looks nice.

Akame ga Kill - 3/10

CRAWWLING IN MY SKIIINNN. Nope I dropped it when they did the whole rich = bad shit. And this has shounen power level shit written all over it. And the animation is bad, the character designs even worst.

Bakumatsu Rock - 5/10

Meh this is just not appealing. I don’t like rock and the character designs are stupid looking. The bodies are grossly drawn as well. Dropped.

Argevollen - 5/10

Nope, generic same plot mecha stuff. Was a boring first two episodes, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I will not give this a chance just because it’s mecha and military.

So yea it’s a good start for the new season. A lot of BL shows, which is nice. And one huge hyped mecha show. Wooooo

Did these like a month ago and was gonna upload it on here but forgot. Illusion why use the word “homo” and not yuri or lesbians mang. I got excited that I could have BL. Well theres people working on the BL mod already so I can wait. Impressed with the improvements, but it’s no AA2, but AA1.5.

Did these like a month ago and was gonna upload it on here but forgot. Illusion why use the word “homo” and not yuri or lesbians mang. I got excited that I could have BL. Well theres people working on the BL mod already so I can wait. Impressed with the improvements, but it’s no AA2, but AA1.5.

Another season has come to an end. Time to complain and document my experiences.

Yowamushi Pedal - 7/10

I enjoyed this, mainly because of the characters and wackiness. I dislike sports, but bike riding is ok I suppose. Tadokoro is husbando material for me, in fact he is exactly the type of guys in anime that I love to death. I ship him and green haired spider man. Looking forward to more episodes.

Brynhildr in the Darkness - 5.5/10

This was something else, I would’ve given it a 4/10 but the enjoyment of watching a trainwreck of an adaption pushed it up a few points. They squeezed 50 chapters of the manga in the last two episodes, quality animation every where and that pink haired girl’s constant whining about “why won’t blond boy fuck me, look at mah boobs” destroyed any hope this would be good. There is also a million other stupid things that happened. Kotori looks like a female version of a character of mine I like to draw too, she’s pretty neat.

Mekaku City Actors - 6.5/10

This is apparently very popular, but I don’t care about fanbases. I picked it up solely because the artstyle was appealing. I should have been high as fuck watching this because what the fuck is going on Shaft? Well I understood a lot of points but overall it felt rushed and to artsy. Shaft cut it out with this 3deep4me style. It was unique for Bakamono, but now it’s just stale.

Black Bullet - 5.5/10

Rushed and wasted potential. The first episode had me excited. Fucking alien bugs which infect others to turn into more ALIEN BUGS. You like that? Well fuck you, they’re there for the first episode and then part of the last episode and thats it. Have 10 episodes of LOLIS, harem hijinks and stupid body guard shit instead of COOL ALIEN BUGS. Yes I’m mad.

Knights of Sidonia - 7/10

This is great sci fi series that could’ve been near perfect in my eyes if they just changed/dropped some things. First of all the CGI is awful, and the artstyle it’s based off of translates even worst in CGI than other styles. There are TWO FACES and thats it and this is even worst when you add in actual CLONES. And that fucking bear. Terrifying. Another thing is certain sci-fi elements that either make no sense or were added purely for wank material. There is literally no practical reason for third genders to exist, especially because of the supposed reason either. It’s because of fetishes surrounding gender bending that is added and to spice up the HAREM HIJINKS.  I’ve sperged out and written quite a lot of this subject already but for once I would love to see a darker sci-fi story faced with doom from aliens to go the route of mass producing solders through more realistic means (cloning/ARTIFICIAL WOMBS/eggs/etc). I mean they can photo fucking synthesize why go through the extra added wait for third genders (+ the added time for pregnancy) when having large amount of “meat shields” for combat is better. But whatever, I’ve decided to ignore that part (and the Harem shit) and enjoy the rest of Sidonia, which is a pretty cool mecha.

Kiniro no Corda: Blue Sky - 6/10

Why did I watch this all the way through? Some shoujo music rich reverse harem crap with trippy as fuck things going on. Everyones hallucinating all these musical scenes. And the girl is seeing ghosts of her past self flying around sparkling. Add in drama llama “wahh my parents are DEAAD” and you have a normal reverse harem. I heard the game has darker themes or something. Why couldn’t she just bang one of the dudes.

Mushishi S2 - 8.5/10

This is great, just like the first season. The atmosphere of this show just stands out. So comfy and relaxing to watch. I cried a few times for a some of the stories too as well as get chills from how magical some of it feels.

Atelier Escha & Logy - 6/10

Rushed. As. Fuck. which is normal for 95% of all game adaptions. They suck because they rush them. But if you’re a fan of the game series it’s worth a watch.

Kamigami no Asobi - 6.5/10

Another reverse harem but not as bad as Blue Sky. For once I found men in one of these PoS reverse harems attractive. Hades and BALD-DEER and I believe it’s because of their eyebrows. Bald-deer sucks personality wise but Hades is moe as fuck. 10/10 would bang and marry. The god forms suffer from shit character design. But you only see them for like 2 minutes. Rushed too but whatever, would be interested in playing the game if it ever got translated.

Nobunaga the Fool - 6.5/10

Ehhh still boring and dumb. Predictable too. A lot of my theories were proved correct. I still hate that black haired guy, traitor scum. Mecha looked ugly too. Thank god King Arthur was an old man and not a girl, I would’ve jumped on my desk otherwise. Japan needs to stop doing that. WELL THEY MADE KENSHIN A GIRL, that also was not ok. Fucking stop turning historical figures into girls and just fucking use girls from history. It’s not like you can’t find some. Just once I want King Arthur to be portrayed like how he’s suppose to be in accordance to the legends.


Hitsugi no Chaika - ???

I heard this got better after I dropped it I might go back and watch it. It was ok, and eyebrows girl was neat.

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou - 5/10

I watched three episodes before giving up. I just don’t like these SoL shows anymore, they bore me to death. There wasn’t anything to keep me interested either.

Still Airing:

M3 - 6/10

Just feels like an Eva rip off with crappy character designs and looks like it was animated in 2002. Ugly mecha designs too. Will keep watching it, but might drop soon.

Mahouka - 6/10

Oh gods this is one of those shows that would be great if they removed a few things. I can’t stand the MC’s sister’s attitude at all, and her Gary Stu brother doesn’t help. Before this aired I knew about the OP MC but that doesn’t concern me if you watch it for “see this OP guy wreck shit”. But the sister is just a spiteful, jealous woman who has sexual feelings for a blood related brother. It’s just so over the top that anyone watching this can’t take it seriously, I watched it as a comedy. Some of the science magic parts are pretty neat though, which is why I picked it up.

Captain Earth - 6.5/10

The mecha design is cool, and I was excited for this, but it’s just been…so bland and generic. All the characters kinda suck. And LOL XD hacker girl pisses me off. I hate that stereotype.  I’ll keep watching this but so far it’s been average as hell. There is no hype surrounding it either which is the best part of these kinds of shows.

JoJo: Stardust Crusaders - 7/10

I like JoJo so I knew I’d enjoy this anyways. Looking forward for the rest of Stardust Crusaders and hope all of JoJo gets animated since they’re doing an amazing job so far. OH NO! PIG TOILETS

Pretty boring season really but summer 2014 looks fucking amazing. I am hyped as fuck to watch that. I know I said that last time but Dramatical Murder, SAILOR MOON, SPACE DANDY. Oh my gods they’re gonna fuck it up but it cannot be contained.

Love these new (well new for the majority of people) .webm files. So much better than .gifs. Please Tumblr switch over! The quality is outstanding and the filesize is tiny! I can make clips at 720p without the filesize going over 2MB!