Love these new (well new for the majority of people) .webm files. So much better than .gifs. Please Tumblr switch over! The quality is outstanding and the filesize is tiny! I can make clips at 720p without the filesize going over 2MB!

Winter season has ended. Time for another TL:DR review of all the anime I’ve watched.


Nourin - 4.5/10

Generic harem ecchi anime. I watched the first episode because someone posted an out of context screencap. If you’re into girls then I guess it could satisfy something for a while. However I’m not so this offers me nothing.

Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda - 5/10

Watched only because the moral of the MCs and the character designs. Ended up disliking it and not going past two episodes.


Buddy Complex - 6/10

Sunrise does a lot of mecha since it usually makes them cash. However this was just a sad, bland boring mecha. The mecha designs weren’t even that great. Rushed and terrible plot with stupid asspulls to make characters behave weirdly to progress the plot.

Chunni S2 - 6/10

RUINED the first season’s feeling. It was perfect to end it at S1 why the fuck did you do this Kyoani. All I wanted was a fucking kiss scene between the main couple but no you had all this yuri fake kissing instead. HOWEVER I will say, I was shocked that Kyoani did an actual, non gag (sort of?) gay romance. I expected a big joke out of it but Sunohara 2.0 seemed to be in love with the guy. That was kinda cool. Pls do that in Free!! S2 this summer too. Even if it’s just side characters again.

Gundam Build Fighters - 6/10

The whole point of this anime was to buy time and milk the franchise. I gave it a chance but it really wasn’t that great. A few nice fight scenes and overall a pretty bland anime. Milf character spawned a lot of ecchi art of her.

Hamatora - 3/10

Trash. Literally one of the worst anime I have ever seen. This whole thing must’ve been written by an edgy female teenager who thinks random English words are kewl. Maybe this is my grumpy older self speaking but I have no idea why the fuck I finished this. People actually defended Moral for being a good antagonist. Sure if you like generic “I’m so innnssaaaneee XD” bad guys who look like Sephiroth. However the TWIST ending made me laugh so hard into tears so I’ll give it 3 points.

Kill la Kill - 7/10

Yes I disliked this in the last reviews during the first half but…if you give up on their being any deeper meaning and enjoy it as a Saturday morning cartoon it’s an alright anime. It could be better if they toned down the fanservice but whatever gets the boy’s soldiers standing attention will sell.

Log Horizon - 7/10

The comfy feeling from this died down a bit in the second half. I had a lot of “Frodo moments” during this too. I wished they focused on the characters a bit more than the plot. Eagerly awaiting to watch S2 in the fall.

Magi S2 - 5/10

Ah the fate of most shounens (at least most, FMA avoided this) is to make everyone super powerful and be able to fly around shooting lazers. I hate this so fucking much because it’s a slippery slope. It’s just going to be an endless cycle of training -> power up - > new bad guy - > training, etc. The character designs for the metal user forms also suck.

Nagi no Asukara - 8/10

Enjoyed this a lot. I also want to bang the sexy sea god but I’m sadly not 2D. The girl I was cheering for won in the end so I’m happy. Drinking the tears of the Miuna fans is delicious. Same as when My beloved Mikono-san won in EVOL. Even if they didn’t kiss at the end it’s no way that was open end. They were on the beach alone together in the final scene. The only thing I’ll criticize is the character designs, esp the faces can be derpy from certain angles. I liked the fairytale, prophesy thing they had going on.

Noragami - 6/10

I strongly dislike eastern folklore so I am biased probably with this score. They apparently went anime original end so of course the ending sucked. But the part which I disliked the most was the overreacting over that blonde kid’s attitude. Poor lad is fucking dead and shit, steals a skateboard and they treat him like Hitler. I mean come on, maybe he needs a bit of talking to but was that dramatic demon scene and “CONFESS YOUR SINS OR DIEEEEE” really needed?

Pupa - 3/10

The only reason I continued watching this was it was 2 min episodes. The whole “I’m eating your guts Onii-chan” was disturbing. And to realize that they casted an actual underage girl for those lines makes me shiver in disgust.

Space Dandy S1 - 8/10

This was great too. A fun, westernized feeling anime that had a subtle overreaching plot and disguised itself as a adventure of the week. Animation was whacky but awesome in a lot of scenes. Memorable moments, like the surfing, space Buddha, plant planet, meow’s home planet, etc. Meow is also an adorable guy and I wish he was my cat.

Pilot’s Love Song - 5.5/10

I don’t understand this anime. It felt rushed and hardly any characters felt fleshed out. I also couldn’t understand why the MC could forgive the wind witch even if his Mum said so. And then that brooding silver hair guy, what was his deal? What was with the war? The political shit? The world? Nothing felt really resolved. I think this was just poorly done from the source material.

Wizard Barristers - 5.5/10

For some reason I had high hopes for this show. Only to be let down with QUALITY moments. WAKAMOTO frog was great though. It also felt like they had so many ideas and tried to clusterfuck them together to form one plot.

Samurai Flamenco - 7/10

OK. I dropped this at episode 11 during the start of the power rangers arc. But after this show ended, everyone was screaming an actual homo end occurred. Interested to see if it was true or another KLK trick, I buckled down and picked it up again. Yes it was true, I got my guy x guy marriage confession. And after the power rangers the show improved again. A bit disappointed Goto didn’t all together stop texting his imaginary GF but I guess he was so used to it that it’ll take time.

Still ongoing:

Nobunaga the Fool - 6.5/10

Nobody seems to care about this show. That black haired guy is a traitor bitch and I hate him. Kinda neat how they’re using historical figures but I dislike how they’re turning male ones into females but it’s never the opposite. Please for the love of god do not make King Arthur a girl again.

Yowamushi Pedal - 6.5/10

Sadly this is falling into shounen powerup levels. Even if it’s a sport anime. Kinda funny though so it’ll keep me watching for now. I also like that chubby bear guy x long spider green haired guy as a pair so…

Overall it was a poor season. I probably should’ve dropped more shows. Winter is always the worst airing season. Spring looks very promising and I think I’m going to be watching 22 shows.

I just got finished playing a very good game (Dragon Age Origins) and I find out Facebook bought out Occulus Rift.

I’m so happy from beating the game I can’t even comprehend how bad this is. I will probably wake up screaming tomorrow.

YES YES YES!!!! Character creator is already an improvement over the first game, even more with the boys. Theres only like 4 hair options but its the same with the girls so thats just a demo thing.


More traits for men too + all sex options. TSUNDERE OPTION! JUNE CAN’T COME FAST ENOUGH! Fuck too much…excitement and shit happening in the next few months. EGAD MY HEART.

Playing Banished since it came out a few days ago. Comfy village sim. However, despite starting on hard w/ harsher conditions the game becomes way too easy too fast. A fun 20 hours spent though.